—— International Education ——

Affiliated to Shenzhen Nanhai Development Holdings Co. Ltd, “NanHai International Education Holdings” (full name: Shenzhen Nanhai International Education Holdings Co., Ltd.) is based in Shenzhen and facing the world. It is committed to the research, practice and development of international education, and adheres to the values and enterprise spirits of “diligence, pragmatism, awe and responsibility”. With a professional international education operation team, it has been deeply engaged in the field of international education for nearly 20 years and owns more than 40 Software Copyrights. Since it has seized the great opportunity issued by the Ministry of Education about "Promoting the Joint Construction of "One Belt and One Road" Educational Action", Nanhai International Education Holdings at present has established comprehensive cooperative relations or set up China management centers with colleges and universities in countries along the "One Belt and One Road", such as Malaysia, Ukraine and Russia, as well as some education powers such as Switzerland, France and Canada to get the purpose of promoting the common prosperity of "One Belt and One Road" and benefiting the people. “Nanhai International Education Holdings” wholly controls and operates "Nanhai Business School" and “Nanhai Education and Technology” and other institutions. With the digital technology platform of "Nanhai International Credit Bank" as the core, it constructs the industrial ecology and the lifelong education system of "International Education + Internet" industrial ecology for managers. Focusing on the international education and following the principle of “bringing in and going out”, the core business includes: online education, business education, international education, multi-level Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools, etc.“

—— Target Vision ——


to be a leader in international education


to promote the localization of international education and the internationalization of local education


Diligence • Pragmatism • Awe • Responsibility

Educational philosophy

German course • Be honest with yourself

—— Expand the World Based on China ——

立足中国 拓展全球

—— Development Course ——




On May 1, 2021, it changed the group's governance structure and organization, and focused on the core business of” "business education, online education, and

In June 2020, it combed through the structure of industrial chain and legal person governance for the international education sector, and took charge of Nanhai Bus ine s s S chool , N anha i Educ a tion Technology and other institutions.

It has successively signed contracts with a number of colleges and universities such as the University of Sarawak, Malaysia, University College of Yayasan Pahang, and ISG Business School.

On January 1, 2020, it completed the basic strategic layout by dissolving cooperation with domestic colleges and universities, “de-administrating”, facing the market, and shaping the "Nanhai International Education" brand with the focus on the international education industry to make breakthroughs.

Seizing the he industrial opportunities brought by the Covid-19, it quickly transformed and focused on the development of online education, and established the "Nanhai International Credit Bank".




In June 2016, the "Nanhai Business School" was established and the "Senior Management Education Center" was jointly established with the Research Institute for Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen.

Guided by the strategy, the "Nanhai Series" were built and the industries successively established include: Nanhai Development Holdings, Nanhai Ventures, Jianhe Nanhai Venture Capital Fund, Nanhai Business Association Industry, Nanhai International Education Holdings and other “Nanhai Series” industry matrix. It has built the industrial model that integrates "industry, academia, and integration" and “one body with two wings, echoing from head to end". Focusing on the comprehensive cooperation of international colleges and univer s ities , it has s igned contract s successively:

China Management Center for Master's Degree Program of Business Leadership from Trinity Western University

China Management Center for Degree Program from City University Malaysia

China Management Center for Degree Program from Lincoln University (College), Malaysia

China Management Center for Degree Program from Kharkiv National University

China Management Center for Degree Program from Kharkiv National Agricultural Technical University

China-Ukraine "One Belt and One Road" Educational Science Control Center

China Management Center for Master's Degree Program from Montreux Uni ver s it y of Hotel and Bus ines s Administration

Guangdong Operation Center for Energy Master Degree Program by cooperative education of Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences & Tulane University




; it carried out the asset reorganization in March 2016, and changed it s name to Lanxes s Ion Te chnology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. By practi ce, ri ch experience has been ac cumul ated in industrial operation.

At the end of 2011, it entered into the industry and acquired Shenzhen Doug Technology Co., Ltd., a national high-tech enterprise, which is engaged in intelligent security and Internet of things R&D, production, and sales;

Training Center of Shenzhen Institute of Tianjin University




Training Center of Shenzhen Institute of Hefei University of Technology

Shenzhen Teaching Center for MBA from Federation University Australia

Shenzhen Teaching Center of EU Business School




In July 2005, a training center was jointly established with China Center for Special Economic Zone Research of Shenzhen University Shenzhen University to establish the EDP education system of Shenzhen University; Shenzhen Teaching Center for MBA from Federation University Australia

Shenzhen Teaching Center for MBA from University of Southern Queensland

Shenzhen Teaching Center of EU Business School




Started up business at the end of 2001, Shenzhen Jinzhou Tongfang Management Consulting Co., Ltd. was established early next year, and has successively cooperated to build:

Training Center of Shenzhen Social Science Academy

Training Center of China Education Co., Ltd

China Management Center of British International Management Association

China Management Center of the University of Action Learning ((UAL))

—— Strategic Partners ——